Discuss with you how to choose bathroom sanitary ware!

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Household sanitary ware usually refers to utensils for people to wash or wash utensils. The types of toilet sanitary ware can be described as colorful. Now let's take a look at common toilet sanitary ware. Tell you what are the bathroom supplies, and the corresponding purchase method for your reference.

Bathroom cabinet

Things to know about buying a bathroom cabinet:

1. It is necessary to know whether the metal parts of the bathroom cabinet have been treated with moisture-proof stainless steel or aluminum products, so that the resistance to moisture will be strong.

2. Check the opening of the cabinet hinge before buying, whether it is 90 or 180. If the opening degree is 180, of course it is more convenient for you to pick and place items. The more precise the hinge, the tighter the cabinet door will be, and the harder it will be for dust to enter.

3. If you need more storage space, it is best to choose a bathroom cabinet with many drawers, which is more convenient to imitate debris (the partition effect will be better)

4. When choosing the style of the bathroom cabinet, pay attention to whether the maintenance of the water pipe and the opening of the valve are guaranteed.

5. Observe whether the surface of hardware such as handles is bright and has defects.

6. Observe whether the mirror surface is smooth, whether the color of the coating is bright, and whether there is any phenomenon such as image distortion.

wash basin

Wash basins can be divided into: basins above the counter, basins installed above the counter. The under counter basin is installed on the countertop, and the entire basin is under the countertop. The column basin does not need to be installed with a countertop. The basin under the basin is supported by the column body.

Wash basins can be divided into: ceramic basins, basins made of porcelain clay and other raw materials after high temperature firing. Glass basins, which are made of tempered glass as raw materials, are mostly sold as countertop basins. Cast iron basin, which is made of cast iron as a raw material and has a layer of enamel glaze on the surface, which has a long service life.


The selection of taps is considered from several aspects:

a. The first is the treatment and quality of the surface coating.

b. The main body of the faucet should be cast from bronze or brass.

c. The quality of the inner core of the faucet directly determines the tightness and service life of the faucet.

d. The range of movement of the handle of the faucet should be larger.

e. Faucets with large water output and fast water stop should be selected.

F. Check from the aspect of performance: First, move the switch a few times to see if the parts are tightly and tightly fitted. When twisting the switch, it is better to feel soft. If it feels awkward or flirty, it means that its assembly structure is unreasonable. Such a faucet is either insufficient in water output or leaking when the water pressure is increased. Therefore, when purchasing, we must pay attention to whether there is packaging, place of origin, inspection certificate, etc.

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