Detailed installation method of frameless glass floor spring door

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Many people now install floor springs for glass doors. Especially large shopping malls are generally equipped with this kind of glass door. This kind of glass door maintenance is composed of movable fans and fixed glass parts. The door frame part is usually decorated with stainless steel, copper and aluminum alloy.

According to different decoration requirements and decoration structures, the installation methods of thick glass doors are not the same, but some basic methods are consistent.

Installation of fixed part of floor spring frameless glass door


Preparation before installation:

Before installing thick glass, the construction of the ground finish should be completed, and the stainless steel or other finishes of the door frame should be completed. The thick glass limit groove on the top of the door frame has been set aside. The width of the limit groove should be greater than the glass thickness of 2-4mm, and the groove depth is 10-20mm.

The wooden bottom bracket with stainless steel finish can be fixed on the ground with the method of wooden wedge nails. Then use universal glue to stick the stainless steel veneer to the wooden frame. The aluminum alloy square tube can be fixed on the frame column with aluminum corners, or fixed on the wooden wedge buried in the ground with wood screws.

The installation size of thick glass should be measured from the bottom, middle and top of the installation location, and the minimum size should be the cutting size of the glass plate width. If the dimensions measured at the upper, middle and lower sides are the same, when cutting the glass, the width should be less than the measured size of 2-3mm, and the height should be less than 3-5mm. After cutting the thick glass, chamfer the four sides. The width of the chamfer is 2mm. The chamfer of the four corners should be particularly careful. Generally, use a fine grinding wheel block to grind the corner slowly to prevent edge collapse.


Installation and construction:

Use a glass sucker to suck the thick glass tightly, and then hold the sucker to lift the thick glass plate. There should be 2 to 3 people at the same time when lifting. After the thick glass plate is lifted, it should be inserted into the limit groove at the top of the door frame first, and then placed on the bottom support, and the installation position is set so that the side of the thick glass plate, just sealing the stainless steel trim of the side frame column Seam.

The method of fixing the thick glass on the bottom bracket is as follows: nailing wooden planks on the wooden side of the bottom bracket, which is about 4mm away from the thick glass plate. Then apply universal glue on the wooden planks, and stick the veneer stainless steel sheet on the wooden square. Inject glass glue into the top limit groove and the bottom bracket fixing position, as well as between the thick glass and the frame column.


Note the operation method of glass seal:

First, unpack a glass glue and install it into the glass glue injection gun. Use the rear pressure rod end plate of the glass glue gun to press the bottom of the glass glue jar. Then hold the glass glue injection gun body with one hand and hold the injection pressure handle with one hand, and continue to loosen and press the operation of the pressure handle to make the glass glue squeeze out from the nozzle. Then align the sprue of glass glue with the end of the gap to be sealed.

Note that the sealing operation of glass glue should start from the end of the gap. The key to the operation is to hold the pressure handle uniformly and at the same time to move along the gap at a uniform speed. That is, as the glass glue is extruded, the nozzle is moved at a uniform speed, so that the glass glue forms a straight line with a uniform surface . Finally, scrape the excess glass glue with a plastic sheet, and wipe off the glue with a clean cloth.


Butt joint between thick glass plates:

Thick glass plates on the fixed part of the door can often not be completed with one piece. When butting thick glass, the distance between butt joints should be 2-3mm, and the edges of thick glass should be chamfered. After positioning and fixing the two connected thick glasses, use glass glue to inject into the gap. After filling, use a plastic sheet to scrape the glass glue on both sides of the thick glass and wipe off the glue with a clean cloth.


Floor spring frameless glass movable door leaf installation

The thick glass movable door leaf structure has no door leaf frame. The opening and closing of the movable door leaf is realized by a floor spring, which is in turn hinged with the metal of the door leaf up and down. The installation method of the floor spring is the same as the aluminum alloy door. Thick glass door installation steps and methods are as follows:


Before the door leaf is installed, the ground floor spring and the positioning pin on the top surface of the door frame should be positioned and fixed. The two must be coaxial, that is, the center line of the floor spring rotating shaft and the positioning pin must be on a vertical line. The method of measuring whether it is coaxial line can use the hammer line method.


Draw lines inside and below the door leaf, and fix the pin hole plate of the rotating pin and the rotating shaft coupling plate of the ground spring according to the line. Refer to the installation instructions attached to the floor spring when installing.


Thick glass should be chamfered, and holes for installing door handles should be made (usually when thick glass is purchased, it must be processed). Pay attention to the height dimension of thick glass, which should include the installation part inserted into the upper and lower rails. Normally, the cut size of thick glass should be less than the measured size of about 5mm for adjustment.


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