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Install the upper and lower rails on the upper and lower sides of the thick glass door leaf, and measure the height of the door leaf. If the height of the door leaf is not enough, the gap between the top and bottom door frame and the ground exceeds the specified value. The wooden plywood under the glass can be lined up and down. If the height of the door leaf exceeds the installation size, you need to ask a professional glassworker to cut off the excess part of the thick glass door leaf.


After setting the height, carry out fixed up and down traverse operation. The method is: insert the small wooden strips on both sides of the upper and lower crosspieces of the thick glass and the metal at the same time, and gently tap into them, and then inject the glass glue into the gap between the small wooden strips, the thick glass, and the crosspiece .


Door leaf positioning and installation method:

First, adjust the positioning pins on the beam of the door frame to 1-2mm from the plane of the beam with its own adjustment screws. Then the glass door leaf is strengthened, and the hole position of the rotating pin connector in the lower cross of the door leaf is aligned with the rotating pin shaft of the floor spring, and the door leaf is rotated to cover the hole position on the pin shaft. Then use the pin as the axis, rotate the door leaf 90 degrees (note that the door leaf must be centered when turning), so that the door leaf is at a right angle to the door frame beam. At this time, you can align the hole of the rotating connector in the cross bar of the door leaf, align the positioning pin on the cross beam of the door frame, and pull out the positioning pin, and insert it into the hole of the connecting pin of the cross bar of the door leaf about 15mm.

Install the glass door handle:

When installing the glass door handle, you should pay attention: the connection part of the handle should not be tight when inserted into the glass door handle hole, and it should be slightly loose. If it is too loose, you can wrap the insertion part with soft tape. Apply a little glass glue to the part where the handle is inserted into the glass before installation. When the handle is assembled, the root of the handle is closely attached to the glass, and then the fixing screw is tightened to ensure that the handle is not loose.

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