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A well-designed shower can ensure that the amount of water allocated to each nozzle is basically the same, so you must see the water when choosing a shower. The water-saving function is the key point to be considered when purchasing a shower. Some showers use a steel ball spool and are equipped with a hot water controller to adjust the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that hot water can flow out quickly and accurately. This type of design shower is more reasonable than ordinary shower 50% water saving.

1. Allow the shower to slant out when selecting: If the water at the top of the spray hole is obviously small or not at all, it means that the internal design of the shower is very general. Even if there are multiple methods of water output such as lasing and spraying, the user may not get To the corresponding cozy experience.

2. Look at the spray head: pay attention to whether the shower is easy to clean. The clogging of the water outlet of the shower is often caused by the accumulation of impurities in the screen cover. If the shower is used for a long time, scale deposits will inevitably occur. If it cannot be cleaned, some spray holes may be blocked.

In order to avoid the clogging of the water outlet caused by poor water quality, well-designed shower nozzles are often protruding out for easy cleaning, or the nozzle is made of silicone material, and the scale deposited on the nozzle can be brushed off with a rag or hand during cleaning. Some showers are also equipped with the function of automatically removing scale, so you can ask one more question when purchasing showers.

3. Look at the coating and spool: Generally speaking, the brighter and finer the surface of the shower, the better the coating process. A good valve core is made of ceramic with extremely high hardness, which is smooth and wear-resistant, and prevents running and dripping. When purchasing, be sure to twist the switch yourself. If the feel is poor, this shower is best not to buy .

4. Shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of their use, and also need to pay special attention. For example, whether the water pipe and the lifting rod are flexible, how about the flexing resistance of the shower hose and the steel wire, whether there is a twist-resistant ball bearing at the shower connection, and whether there is a rotation controller on the lifting rod.

Toilet bowl

Buy toilets should consider the following points:

1. Drainage method: whether it is lower row or rear row.

2. Determine the drainage wall distance (pit distance).

3. When selecting the toilet, observe whether the toilet glaze is uniform, whether there is color difference and obvious deformation, how gloss, and whether the surface defects can be strictly controlled. The well-glazed toilet bowl is smooth, delicate, and free of flaws. It can still be as smooth as new after repeated washing. If the quality of the glaze is not good, it is easy to make dirt hang on the walls of the toilet, which is unhygienic.

4. Determine the water consumption. A water-saving toilet with a flush of no more than 6 liters at a time is a water-saving toilet. The water storage capacity of the general toilet is adjustable, and the water consumption can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the family.

5. The toilet is divided into two parts. Split toilets are generally small in size and suitable for bathrooms with small spaces. The one-piece toilet has smooth lines and novel design, and there are more styles to choose from. If you want to be beautiful, you can choose a smart toilet. Under the premise of quality assurance, it is economical and healthy.

6. Look at the internal drainage connections. If the quality of the gasket and the content link is poor, the toilet is prone to clogging and water leakage. The gasket should be made of rubber or foamed plastic, with high elasticity and good sealing performance.

shower room

Compared with the purchase of a simple shower room, the purchase of the overall shower room needs to pay attention to the following links:

1. The overall technical content of the shower room is relatively high, it is best to choose a brand that has quality and after-sale guarantee.

2. Don't be greedy, just enough. Because the average family bathroom has a limited area, an oversized shower room will take up too much space, giving a sense of depression.

3. Consider opening the door. The door opening methods are generally divided into outward opening, horizontal opening (left and right sliding), and internal opening. Generally, when the door is opened outside, it occupies a large space. It is necessary to consider whether the actual area is enough.

4. Consider whether the height of the overall shower room and the height of the toilet are appropriate. The height of the overall shower room is generally about 2.1 meters, and it needs to be increased by about 10 cm during installation, so the actual height of the bathroom is higher than 2.2 meters, otherwise it cannot be installed.

5. The high bottom tank can be used for surfing and bathing, but if there are elderly and children at home, you should choose the low tank as much as possible, otherwise it is inconvenient to enter and exit.

6. It is recommended to find a regular manufacturer to purchase the shower room to ensure the quality and the safety of the family.


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